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    Question Favorite Holiday?

    what is your favorite holiday? and what sort of stuff do you do during that holiday?

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    I hate them all especially christmas but the least annoying of them all is halloween. Remembrance Day if treated as all the holidays would be it for me but it's barely even talked about, some act like they care for a few moments and that's it which is very tragic. If these holidays would be like I was young (which is not that far ago) which was that they waited until one was over before starting to think about the next it would be less annoying.
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    I like Thanksgiving, simply because I like to eat a lot of food. Lol. ^^
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    Eid because we eat a lot of food and I get money

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    Shalour city? :o
    I....really like valentines day cuz its such a fangirlish type of day XD But Christmas and Easter are awesome too

    And New Years. I have good memories of the few new years parties we threw :3

    I think the only holiday i don't really care for much is halloween, though. I'm...not too into the dark/scary theme to it, and my mom doesn't allow me to have candy outside of nutrition bars as it often gives me meltdowns :/
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