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    Question How can I help my friend?

    One of my best friends just told me she failed 4 subjects at school, and if you fail more than 3 at my high school you fail the semester. She sounded so upset, now she's going to have to either wait for the principal to give her a chance to present her exams again in July or change to a different school.
    She's very sad because this means she's either going to be held back a year or she's going to graduate from a school without us.
    85 of the students who go to school in the afternoon failed, that's 2 complete classrooms and there are only 5 classrooms in the afternoon! My friend studied very hard to be put in the morning classes to be with us and now all this happened.
    She's a very kind person, and she truly does try her best. She always asks me questions about things she doesn't understand in class and I always help her, but she gets really nervous when she answers exams and that doesn't help her much. I don't know what to do. What should I do to help her?
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    Hmmm, I think the best thing to do for your friend is going to be a few things
    1) I can't help you answer this question properly as I don't know your age or what kind of school you go to.
    2) Does your school offer student tutors/tutoring in general? The best thing for your friend is to get tutored and get extra help outside of school, or from her teachers.
    3) Ok, so you're saying that basically 2/5, or 40% of your afternoon school classes (so I guess you have morning and afternoon school classes?) failed. That's something really bad in itself. To try to make her feel better, you can say that it's not just her, a whole heck load of people seemed to have failed....
    4) I don't really know if your school is really doing a good job, to be honest, I mean 40% failing is pretty bad, so she might as well go to another school. However, this will lead to problems, right? She'll feel lonely in her new environment and you'll be lonely without her.
    5) She basically has a chance to redeem herself right? All she has to do is take basically summer classes?
    What you should try to do is make a study group and be like her "Exam Coach" and try your best to help her study for her tests in July.
    6) This may seem strange, and maybe rude, but could your friend have a learning disability? I mean my aunt failed several classes in elementary school and almost had to repeat the 5th grade, but it turned out she had severe ADHD. Another aunt had dyslexia, which is why she didn't do so good until later.

    I'm not sure if I helped, but it doesn't seem like more people are coming on the forums anymore, except me to check what's new.

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