Heyyy friends,

So I am offering some of my prized Hello Kitty collectibles to help relieve some of my Christmas shopping costs, I always get excited buying gifts for people and accidentally slipped over my budget. I figured it's better to clear my apartment of some of my collectibles then going to ask the grandparents for a small loan. I can't post images to this post, but I will post the links from the Sanrio website, everything is unused and unworn. I can also send you pictures if you are interested in anything, as well as skype with you so you can see all the items.

1. http://www.hoodsbee.com/#!Hello-Kitt...0-DE843C372EA3 (Black and Pink Hello Kitty)
2. http://www.sanrio.com/product/my-mel...herry-vanilla/ (Red Bunny)

I have 2 Limited Edition Hello Kitty x Hoodsbee hoodie sweaters, (links above) it looks cute on your body or on your bed/couch it folds and stuffs into a plush animal, I have a few of these and I really love them. These are both brand new and I am offering them both for $45.

The next two items are scarves from the collaboration of Lounge Fly and Sanrio, I am offering both for $15 each.

1.https://www.loungefly.com/clothing/h...ard-scarf.html (Red Scarf)

2.https://www.loungefly.com/clothing/v...ack-scarf.html ( Black Scarf with Red and Grey Bows)

I also have two beautiful purse/handbags to sell, the first is a cream and black floral handbag for $45, the second is an embossed Leopard print Hello Kitty for $55.

1. http://www.amazon.com/Loungefly-Hell.../dp/B00PHOSKEM

2. https://www.loungefly.com/hello-kitt...-tote-bag.html

Thanks so much for all the help, if you want anything contact me and I will send you all my information.