Ok so the reason I'm here is because I need help with a Sanrio related issue. This started back in June of last year and up til recently I liked it *I'm going to spare the details but it started with Jewelpets then went onto a despisement of HK, following that I became interested in My Melody and now I'm into a lot of characters*. The only problem is I'm bipolar about sanrio, one minute I would start this account while hugging the My Melo plushie I bought 2 weeks ago, to throwing it in the basement and getting rid of everything related to Sanrio. I would greatly appreciate it if someone on this site became my friend and led me through the goodness of Sanrio because I honestly can't find it on my own. I don't want to give up looking at the cuteness of the Cinnamoangels or watching Onegai My Melody since it's my favorite show. Thank you for taking the time to go through this and if you like pokemon along with My Melody I think we can become close friends. I'll look forward to it.