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    How can I find a girlfriend?

    So I fell in love with this one girl at my 7th grade open house and then she remained a love interest to me for around 3 years. This however was interrupted at a church picnic last May in which I wrote something for her on Facebook which got shared publicly (on accident of course) which caused a big dispute leading to a break-up. Then I decided to try and toughen up and also become more of a gentleman however I'm still unable to attract anyone. Maybe I'm coming from an anime perspective, but now it even hurts looking at couples at the store or at school. Is there any way you would suggest I bring out myself, I can comprehend the fact that playing video games isn't exactly the best but at lunch it's either that or doing homework. I also got involved in circle theater last semester and that also didn't work out. Please get back or then Valentines Day would be very depressing. Sorry if this was incomprehensible I had a long day at school and work. Thanks.

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    Getting A girl

    Okay, girls are attracted to guys who respect them. Don't approach her in a more than friend way for at least three days. Talk to her and make her feel good about herself, compliment her personality and her smile. Make her feel like she is the most important person in the world. Now for yourself, make sure you have great hygeine, dress nice but not over the top. make her laugh and be nice. dont try to impress her, she will be impressed if you let her do the talking. once that is done take it to the next step, get her number or ask her out and your good to go just be respectful.

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