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Thread: Marvel v DC

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    Question Marvel v DC

    I recently went to watch Batman v Superman and it was a great movie! I really liked it, although many people are saying it's a horrible movie. Then I remembered that later this month I'll be watching Captain America: Civil War, which also features a battle between two teams.

    And it made me wonder: which comic books/characters/stories are your favorite? Why?

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    That just makes me realise how behind I am with movies! Most of these movies I have yet to see!

    Are the X-Men in either of these two worlds? I have only seen the ones with Michael Fassbender. The other movies I have seen the three Batman with Christian Bale (he is perfection in that role - i cannot see anymore Batman unless he comes back or Fassy is in 1 or more of these movies) and the first Iron Man. Oh and I have seen the two Batman with Michael Keaton. I think this is it as far as these movies goes .

    For the comics I have read none, I don't hate comics but I only read some when young and never these kinds (Snoopy + Garfield + Tintin were my kind of comics).
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