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    I love hello kitty because she is very cute she is adorable and i love her so much 4 ever

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    I love hello kitty because she reminds of that time in my life when everything was simplier... I need to get that feeling back, and she's helpin me

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    why i like kitty? May be her cute face, I don't know the answer, just like here when i saw her first time

    I am a girl who never want to grow up. My favorite cartoon is Hello kitty and rilakkuma. And Cute everything!

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    I love Hello Kitty!

    I just love her! Hello Kitty can have any expresion, happy sad mad upset calm, anything! She is simple and loving, she looks so sweet and kind. I think she is great! Evereyone, old and young, can love her! You can make her anything you want

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