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    Smile New Leaf

    I've been thinking about getting Animal Crossing~New Leaf. Is it any good?
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    My best friend, Melanie/Rainbow Starlight, who is an online friend i've had for many years, has this video game, and she's always told me good things about it :3 Like how you can design your own clothes for free, and become mayor of your own town ^_^ I haven't played the game myself so I don't know how to rate it though. But I may want to get my own copy one day.

    I used to play animal crossing on the nintendo game cube a lot when i first got the game. I remember becoming very close to my villagers. Sadly i had an issue with one villager saying the word 'loathe' (it was a snooty villager) and ended up not wanting to play the game anymore after that o.O It was silly, since that's such an exaderated word it really shouldn't be token so seriously. But I do have autism and get weird about certain words. Sadly.

    I really liked that you could collect video games in the game cube version XD Sadly from what i know that feature is not in any of the newer games.

    I don't know if you can still edit your town bulletin board either. I remember liking that feature a lot on the game cube one XD I even played the game again this year just to post things on the board about my crush on korrina from pokemon LOL
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    I have a crush on Korrina from Pokemon x and y that....i feel i need to tell the whole net about cuz it's real big and stuff o.o;

    My gender is irrelevant, have a nice day now.
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