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Thread: Guide of Guides

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    Post Guide of Guides

    Here is a guide to all guides on SanrioTown. It'll basically list all the guides available. Those in bold will be guides on the Kittypedia (HKO wiki), those in italics will be videos, and the rest will be forum threads.

    This is a tentative layout for it and will probably be changed constantly. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make it more organized, or if you think a thread should be listed here.

    Hello Kitty Online Guides
    Mixed Guides
    SanrioTown Guides
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    This is great, especially for a newbie like me! Thanks for posting this, cheers
    oh, but most of the links to the pages were not valid?
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    thanks for the guide ^^, it helps me a lot

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    This is so helpful, thanks!

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