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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    I honestly don't know why I returned here today. I guess, i thought it'd be 'interesting' to see how the people here would relate to my new FEmale fictional character >.<;; *shrug*

    I used to be active here a lot in the old days but I left 'cuz some members really got to me (yes, Seafairy, you were one of them. i still kind of hold some grudges against you. whether its your fault or not...who's to say? but yeah you started reminding me of some jerks on kh13. didn't need that for my self esteem. really didn't...)

    Anyways, I have no idea if i'll be welcomed back with open arms or if i'll be bitterly judged. This is a totally different group than it may not be so 'nice' due to the general girlyness? I'm brave posting here, considering how much girly things MEAN to me. Also the reason i'm posting here as a whole. As for Korrina? DON'T try to take her from me..hahaha....she's been helping me get through depression a lot this year. And my crush on her is so serious I tend to make my profile around her in general on forums. I also kinda really look up to her. Yeah, it's weird. I'm ready to be treated as a fugitive....if that is your wish.

    And Seafairy no more cr*p about other girly girls, please. I hate you for a reason. Yes, I also have doesn't help. I fail to see how GIRLY things are 'evil' and thanks to the stuff you said to me, I believe in ************************ evil spirits that take over little girls souls when they turn like 10. Yep...

    *hug's my av now*
    Can you behave when you're here on the forum? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. To be fair, I can't really stand the boyish things more than the girly things.
    Note 1: DO NOT COPY my user name/account for yours. Impersonating other users is strictly forbidden.

    Note 2: Any beta content I post or mention, cannot be copied for yourself or others. Don't impersonate or ask for beta players. Yes, I'm a former beta player.

    Note 3: I'm busy with non HKO things, but my home page will help you out with the game. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or /w Kittynator in HKO. I use Kittynator on both servers.

    Note 4: Be nice to me and others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    To be fair, I can't really stand the boyish things more than the girly things.

    Ok, this is way out of topic. If someone has any discussion to end, please do it through private messages. The threads aren't for judging nor discussing anything to do out of the main topic.

    As I said, we're trying to reunite friends to talk with, not to argue whether this website is for one gender or not, or if it's for one group of people or another.

    Never Give Up... Follow Your Dreams... Believe In Yourself... Learn From The Past... Save The Future... Live The Present... Take Risks... Enjoy Each Second Of Life... Help Others And Share Smiles... Live Life As It Comes... Bring Peace... Laugh... Be Happy... Cry... Forgive...
    Love... Dream... Live... Care... Smile...


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    I understand. If I have a bone to pick with seafairy still, i'll keep it private. No use upsetting the people on here who didn't cause me the trama she did.

    It'd be nice if this place is popular again Just cuz Hello Kitty and Sanrio is an awesome company that deserves a lot of fans really.
    I AM Santa123fawr

    I have a crush on Korrina from Pokemon x and y that....i feel i need to tell the whole net about cuz it's real big and stuff o.o;

    My gender is irrelevant, have a nice day now.
    And I didn't make my awesome av :3 xD

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