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    i need my email!!!!!!!

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    can someone fix this now, for gods sake.
    I cant check my emails since two days now and its important.I've got a job.

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    I cannot check my email for 2 days
    Please help

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    I need to open my email. What happened??????/

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    RE: 1.03 Discussion

    My email has stopped working for 3 days

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    is there anyone who can help or tell us whats going on with our emails

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    Does sanriotown care about it's members? Why is there no communication from them?

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    this is getting ridiculous!!!
    lost my whole contact list fro some unknown reason about 5 months ago
    and now no email for 3 days and counting
    and NO explanation WTF

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    Quote Originally Posted by teim_iss_mannih@hellokitty.com View Post
    Just change the URL of the page with that error message to


    press enter, (that's what I just did & you can do that, too) & there you go. The appearance is somewhat strange, alright, but all is working, for the time being...

    didn't work for me

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    Same **************** here.
    Please fix it!!!!!!!!!

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