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    and 24 hours is over, and its still not working :-(

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    [QUOTE=marilynthecat@hellokitty.com;60708 did you ever fix the issue? It lets me log in but when I go to check my email it says my account has been deactivated and i have ti verify that I am not a robot and agree to terms and when j do that it just keeps going back to the verify screen

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    I got a message from them after I reached out via facebook. They said they have already relayed it to their developers and currently working for a proper solution.

    However they did not offer an eta for a fix.

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    i cannot open my inbox
    i need to check some e-mails T^T
    please help, admin ><

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    Same here

    I reached out via Facebook and received the same response ver Bateman!
    I really need to get into my email! As everyone else. I get that this is a free service, but being locked of email going on 3 days is very frustrating! Please fix this problem ASAP!

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    Me too!! Get this error as well yesterday and today! I need to be able to access my emails!

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    Emails mailbox non access since maintenance in June 2018

    Not able to view emails.

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    Same here.

    Can't access my email holy crap... =l What is going on guys??? Are we going to lose our emails??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bailey88@hellokitty.com View Post
    Not able to view emails.
    If you ever get an answer, please let me know! Thanks! I have been having the same problem

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    Thank you!!!!!

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