I miss these games They were fun.

Sanriotown really has been falling apart, hasn't it? I shouldn't of left like i did o_O;;

I don't think I even realized how good i had it here. These people love cute, positive things, just like I do. THIS was the forum I was looking for all those years of 'looking for a forum that people like girly, happy things'. The one forum I LEFT cuz of one or two bad apples (i won't even say their names).

This forum is awesome, and i'll work REALLY hard to revive it. It might be the most positive group on the whole internet The internet really isn't a happy place...but this forum? It's the closest to online happiness i'll likely ever find. Here and maybe serebii.net.

But Sanriotown probably shouts out to people with childhoods like mine the most. MAY IT BE REVIVED!!! And may i never leave here again. For any reason. Ever.