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    Same issue here. Glad to hear it's not a localised issue, frustrated that it hasn't been resolved promptly. Was expecting this to be solved by today. It's an out of date security certificate on the server. There's little reason it should have been allowed to lapse, and even less reason it should be still out of date.

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    Hopefully this isn't a cyber attack and our information is being leaked.

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    I'm getting this message too, but I can still access the inbox, thankfully. The formatting of the page is just messed up.

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    It's the same for me today too. If it's like all the other technical issues around here it will either not be solved or it will take a long time. Thankfully I am not using that email address but I would love to use it in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smoothiepinkiepie@hellokitty.com View Post
    Hopefully this isn't a cyber attack and our information is being leaked.
    That was last year. http://sanriodigital.com/story/security-advisory
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    An expired security certificate isn't going to be the result of a security breach, but it's still a REALLY bad thing, and should not be persisting anything like this long on any site that's being run with even a vague semblance of competence.

    This is literally the single most ridiculous thing that could be going wrong to block email access. I've seen issues like this affect other websites, and they've been fixed within an hour of the first notification that there was a problem.

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    Why isnt something being done to address this issue

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    Have had the same problem for days. Please let us know if you will address this issue, or if we will have to stop using this email.

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    So annoying hellokitty.com going to have to change all my emails now

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    Unhappy Can't access my email account

    Same here. No access to email and no access to Tech Support.

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