This is brb1006 who joined the site all the way back in 2010. I hadn't visited this site for ages now. But I noticed that alot of Sanriotown members have slowly started vanishing or stopped making blog posts for a very long time.

SanrioTown played an important role with my introduction to the Internet. I even formed a very close relationship with Pauline_2008,Kuromi_Lauren, and Victor5. But all three of them suddenly stopped commenting and hadn't responded back to my past emails in ages. I hope they didn't forget about me or my blog posts. Not to sound selfish, but I use to always come back from school looking forward to there comments on my latest blog posts. True that I stopped using this site back in 2014, but I suddenly feel like visiting this site again in hopes of them coming back or remembering me?

Now that I think about it, SanrioTown has started turning into a once active members site into a site that has started losing members. The forums itself hasn't made any new topic since early to mid 2016.