Since several months ago I've started collecting video games related to Sanrio and Hello Kitty to document them on my Sanrio Wiki project.

I have games for Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS, but hope to collect for more consoles soon.

This is my Game Boy collection, which I'm unsure if it is complete.

The games from top-left to bottom-right are:

1) Sanrio Carnival

2) Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Magical Museum

3) Puzzle Collection: Hello Kitty no Beads Koubou

4) Hello Kitty no Sweet Adventure: Daniel-kun ni Aitai

5) Fairy Kitty no Kaiun Jiten: Yousei no Kuni no Uranai Shugyou

6) Sanrio Uranai Party

7) Hello Kitty Cube Frenzy

8) Hello Kitty to Dear Daniel no Dream Adventure

9) Hello Kitty no Happy House

10) Bad Badtz-Maru: Robo Battle

11) Sanrio Timenet: Kako-Hen

12) Sanrio Timenet: Mirai-Hen

Personally my favourite is Sanrio Timenet. It is a monster-battling game (the genre Pokémon made very popular) with licensed Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody who appear as characters in the story.

It is split into two versions; Kako-Hen (past) and Mirai-Hen (future) with different available monsters between the versions and one version being set in one time period and the other version being set in another. My only concerns with it are that the encounter rate is particularly high, battles can be difficult (there is a large diffculty slope at the end) and there is a glitch that can prevent the "Jetboat" item from working unless you use it in a specific way (but can be avoided if you open the menu with B from the overworld).

Space-Net: Cosmo Red and Space-Net: Cosmo Blue are the spiritual sequels to Sanrio Timenet, featuring recruitable Rainbow System (a Solar System) citizens but since they no longer feature licensed Sanrio characters (but some of the original monsters) they may not be considered Sanrio games.

Despite that it does have a really loose connection to Sanrio (and Shintaro Tsuji president of Sanrio is listed in the credits). I have Cosmo Red and would like to get Cosmo Blue at some point.

Due to the image limit on this forum I decided to put some of my other images into an album.

Next are the Game Boy Advance games I own:

From top-left to bottom-right:

Hello Kitty Happy Party Pals

Cinnamoroll: Koko ni Iru yo

Hello Kitty Collection: Miracle Fashion Maker

Cinnamon: Yume no Daibouken

My favourites are the Cinnamoroll games. The first one Cinnamoroll: Koko ni Iru yo is a fun puzzle game where you have to solve sliding puzzles. The second one Cinnamon: Yume no Daibouken is a fun action game where you explore various places. I'm not sure what all the differences are between that game and Cinnamoroll: Fuwa Fuwa Daibouken (which I don't have) but it seems that the locations may be different.

For GameCube I have Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue. I don't know if any other Sanrio branded games were released for GameCube.

This games is a fun action game in which Hello Kitty and friends must save the world from a gang known as the Block Batallion who wishes to turn everyone into blocks.

For Wii and Wii U I have Hello Kitty Seasons and Hello Kitty Kruisers:

I'm not sure again if these are all the Hello Kitty games for Wii and Wii U.

For Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS:

From top-left to bottom right:

1) Hello Kitty no Oshare Party: Sanrio Character Zukan DS - A fun Japanese Sanrio character encyclopedia game with minigames and dress up feature.

2) Onegai My Melody: Yume no Kuni no Daibouken - Based on the original series of the Japanese anime Onegai My Melody. It's a really fun game where you have to guide My Melody. She can open up a parasol and float if you blow into the microphone and you get to throw magical balls using the Melody Tact.

3) My Melody Angel Book: Denshi Techou & Enjoy Game - It may be based on Onegai My Melody Kurukuru Shuffle this time, or at least has the main theme as the title screen music. The primary use is an electronic diary, but there are also fun minigames.

4) Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures - A game where you can explore a world full of Sanrio characters, play minigames and give them gifts for their birthdays.

5) Around the World with Hello Kitty & Friends - You can play minigames in and 'travel' to various places around the world.

6) Happy Party with Hello Kitty & Friends - Various minigames.

7) Hello Kitty Big City Dreams - Hello Kitty moves into a Big City, where she can meet various Sanrio characters earn friendship points and play minigames.

8) Hello Kitty and Sanrio friends 3D Racing - A racing game featuring Sanrio characters. The game Hello Kitty Kruisers on the Wii U is very similar, and both games are based on Hello Kitty Kruiser for iOS devices.

9) Hello Kitty & Friends Rock 'n World Tour - A music/puzzle action game where you can solve puzzles and perform in a band. Love this game.

10) Hello Kitty and the Apron of Magic: Rhythm Cooking - A game where you explore Apron Town and perform cooking steps to the rhythm of music.

11) Hello Kitty Happy Happy Family - Minigames where you help out Hello Kitty's family and collect outfits/images.

This is the Pocket Hello Kitty, which is a digital toy produced by Nintendo where you can play minigames with Hello Kitty and collect items, designed similar to the Pokémon Pikachu and Pokémon Pikachu 2 GS. I feel it's a really nice little collectible.

I hope to update this thread in the future to share with you more games as I get them.

Since I only have Nintendo game consoles I don't know if I'll be buying any Sanrio games for non-Nintendo consoles soon. I'm interested in the Sega Pico and its Hello Kitty games however and may try to get one.

Hope you like this thread and let me know what you think.