"Chogokin" is a term for like a metal Japanese action figure. Sanrio released multiple of these Does anybody else have a Sanrio related Chogokin?

Some of these Chogokins are described here:

I personally love the red Sanrio My Melody 40th anniversary Chogokin, and a newer pink one with My Melody (that's also SO ADORABLE!! (>ω<)) is coming out on January 20th this year.

I have the red My Melody one and although it is rather expensive I feel it's worth it if you're into these (from 30-50+ no posting depending on seller currently on eBay). It can be placed on a "ちょうごうきん" (chogokin) stand, you can adjust her head and there is even a miniature My Melody figure you can place inside of My Melody's belly.