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Thread: Pepepepengiin

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    Pepepepengiin is a franchise introduced in 2016 which is owned by Sanrio and Dream Link Entertainment.

    The franchise is based on penguins in Antarctica who run their own government and get into various debates.

    In Japanese ぎ議員 (ぎいん, giin) is a word meaning a member of the National Diet; a Japanese legislature, so as well as sounding like penguin (ペンギン, penguin) in Japanese its name is a pun!

    I read an article (http://www.anime-now.com/entry/2016/11/27/000017) about this franchise on Anime Now, and apparently some of the debates are parodies on stereotypical Japanese politics discussions.

    One of the main characters is a penguin called Sean Enoshima, who unlike the other penguins cannot talk and can only communicate with 'pe-pe' sounds.

    On the DLE Youtube channel you can find various Pepepepengiin animated shorts.

    I love the idea of this series, which I feel is quirky and cute in its own way.

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    Awww they look so cute!
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