Are other members here into girls too?? For most of my life i've probably been mostly straight but since my HUGE crush on Korrina from Pokemon started, i seem suddenly more into females than males XD It's interesting. I was looking at non korrina fictional females just a little while ago and found them really cute too.

I love luka from the vocaloids! Pretty much ANY image of her is hot to me XD She's probably my overall favorite vocaloid, and she has pink hair! :3

The girls in the my little pony equestria girls movies i find them hot too. Especially Rainbow Dash Her outfit remind's me of Korrina's a lot, anyways.

As for real girls i'm not sure i'm really interested in real live females or not; I seem to be, though. But it's really hard to say. I may not feel 'comfortable' about liking real females, yet, out of fear I may get judged for it? Fictional females are fun, though. Especially Korrina, who is still a big time crush with me I still look at images of her everyday and its been 3 months now. It feel's like I always liked her sometimes, though. Its funny

I've had female crushes/attractions before Korrina too but they weren't such a huge deal. I thought Namine from Kingdom Hearts and Lighting from Final Fantasy 13 were attractive, though.

I'm curious what comments this thread will get Please be nice now!