A few years ago I was playing only on Click For A Change until that website disappeared. One of my favorite games there was a zombie game that I have tried several times since then to find and I just cannot find it anywhere even the websites that has many zombie games. I just finished another search for it and figured maybe someone here knows the name of it!

The game is happening in a part of a city. There are different types of buildings there including parks and places like that. The survivors are all staying in one place. There are many different types of people there from soldiers to whatever. Every day there were missions from going to find someone who never came back to go search for food or other things like that, of course the dangerous missions needed soldiers but also of course people started to die or not come back so then you were left with few people and had to get people who were like teachers to go search for the missing then your characters started to die quicker. It was kind of cheap looking but really fun to play.

Anybody here know the name of that game?