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    Note: I actually wanted to delete this thread, as it may be too 'disgusting' for some here.

    I've had asthma my entire life but was undiagnosed (despite my brother being a diagnosed asthmatic), I can remember the wheeze always being there. But have only started to use an inhaler in the last 6 months. Now I can't go back and am utterly dependent on it. I find myself coughing so much and so hard I would faint and vomit in the last few years. It is a bizarre esculation (I have never been a smoker, so shouldn't have lung issues), but is instantly fixed by the inhaler... I didn't realize it was asthma, I didn't even know asthma made you cough. It has also helped with my sleeping significantly. I get deeper, more meaningful sleep now. I probably came close to a fatal asthma attack when I was in my 20s and awoke in the middle of the night with a feeling like my lungs were paper bags full of glue and having serious problems inhaling for at least half an hour. I used to play short spurt sports (eg. basketball which involves a quick run and then a break) without a care for slightly labored breathing. But long distance running was another story.

    EDIT: Well, there's the answer to my flaring up in the last few years:

    "If you put off treatment with inhaled steroids too long, you could wind up with irreversible lung disease,"

    I am probably a pretty bad asthmatic right now for not using them once in over 30 years, and am probably going to be like this to the end of my life.

    Read this if you're asthmatic, and don't want to reach the stage where you are vomiting up from it at random: http://www.webmd.com/asthma/features...rmanent-damage It's probably a good idea if you have a wheeze, you get treated no matter how minor you think it is! I don't want to be on machines at some point in the future, so I guess I need to treat myself more thoroughly for it.
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    Now I know I should use it even when I think it just goes away soon for this not to happen to me.

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