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    Draw this...

    Yawning cat:

    I have a new graphics tablet and have been thinking about getting into drawing (never been any good). I thought it would be interesting to have a picture and get others to draw it (either on paper and scanned or directly into a graphics program) and compare everyones drawings. It doesn't have try to mirror it, it can be stylized (turned into a cartoon, cubism, etc) or elaborated on (such as showing the rest of his ears/body that go off the picture, altering the angle of the yawn to show his eyes or adding additional context/humor).

    I realize on this forum there are some talented drawers, some who have a good education background in the arts. Then there are children, who just like to let their creative spirit flow. And then there are people like me, who don't have any particular talent. But there is no reason to not try! You don't get better at something by thinking you're too old to learn or not trying.
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