Just randomly talk anything sanrio related here. Be it games, your life relating to sanrio in general, merchandise, cartoons, dreams, the characters, ext. Sadly this was the only sanrio related thread I could think of doing.

I use hello kitty related stamps on my blingee creations pretty often. My favorite sanrio character is likely kitty herself or cinnamoroll. I have a few hello kitty related video games....One I restarted resently being "Hello Kitty Birthday Adventures". I have no idea how to give the presents to Kitty's friends in the game. I may need to find out online. I used to know, obviously, as I have had an old file I have won on the game before restarting it.

As for Sanrio related dreams? Yes, i've had a fair share of those, too. Like one where My-Melody and either Kuromi or Flat played hide and go seek on an On Demand My-Melody cartoon. I had that dream back when we still owned On Demand. I also dreamed up a Hello Kitty version of Animal Crossing, which had an apple picking part, Hello Kitty's twin sister Mimmy being kidnapped by a sea monster, that looked like it was from the game Earthbound, and Hello Kitty sing's to the stars from the window of her house in the game that she wishes she could save her sister. Oh and I played the game on a pink gameboy advance in the dream too :P

Another Sanrio related dream I had was related to me being Hello Kitty, and having sanrio friends, and i worried they would stop hanging out with me if I stopped eating sweets. It was a strange dream to have as I am pretty sure I was not consuming any sugar (outside maybe my yogurts) during the time I had this dream.

I own around 10 hello kitty coloring books in real life. I've colored a lot in several of them. One was even a painting book :P

There was a time when i collected hello kitty stuff from the candy shop around here too. That was fun. Pitty I never got to get the tote bag I wanted or the crafts book.

Did you people know? Hello Kitty's largest collector is a grown man

If I could i'd have a collection of Korrina related stuff thats simularly as large. As my crush on Korrina from Pokemon is still a very huge thing. Though I do try to take more breaks from her now; sometimes I get too obsessed. Though that may relate more to my autism than my looking at and thinking about korrina too much :/ I seem to worry she won't like how girly i am, and stuff? Its silly, cuz she strikes me as the type who would be bi. Especially by the way she act's in the games. Maybe i'm just reading too into her now though, in a way? I do seem to look at her a bit..much. It may be causing me to ponder some stuff too much :/