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Thread: hello :]

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    hello :]

    hi everyone. my name is melody. i'm 23 and i love bunnies and drawing!

    you might be able to guess by now, but My Melody is my favorite sanrio character (we share a name!!). my room is chock full of my melody merch and i always have something my melo on my person.

    I have a bachelor's in chemistry and i like to draw in my free time. I have 3 bunnies as pets, they're my precious babies. <3

    that's about it for my introductory post. i hope we can become friends here. thank you. :]

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    Hi to you! It's not really busy here (some of the members seem to have left since the anniversary), but it starts with people like you and hopefully there are many more to follow! Don't give up!

    I've never had a rabbit as a pet. I like the floppy eared ones.

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    Hello and welcome to SanrioTown!

    If you fall, I'll be there. - Floor

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