24 straight hours of an almost continual asthma attack, which also occurred most of the day prior. The vast majority of the last 48 hours has been battling asthma, and I believe it is my second worst experience breathing in my life. The worst was waking up one night and my lungs were crackling like a paper bag, and it was a really struggle even breathing. I have developed crackling sounds (not as bad) in the last few hours, possibly suggesting it is getting worse. When I went to bed I actually didn't have asthma and got 2-3 hours of sleep before it hit. Since that point, I have slept 5 more times for 30 minutes each. Too tired to do anything, but can't sleep with the wheeze.

I don't presently have an inhaler, am running a fever and probably won't go in myself, and no one is willing to do it for me. Its a pain in the ass though and if it continues to escalate, it could become fatal.

One thing that has improved over the last 12 hours is my coughing. It was crazy before and I was vomitting up all the time.

My eye also had this strange defect I've never seen before. It is like wearing those multicolored 3D glasses looking at something not made in 3D. It lasted several blinks. It was like the colour cones in my right eye split in two.