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Thread: Im offended

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    Angry Im offended

    Im trying to play hello kitty online at my schol and it is blocke can you please sue my school babe

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    School is not to play online games. Will you want to play online games too when you will have a job? If you do you will be fired and rightfully so!

    By the way there are many things to bed offended about and this is not one of it and either is my reply; I do not care that you are joking or and using sarcasm I am tired of people like that!
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    Unfortunately, HKO is no longer working. Please do not ask why.

    Also, its the school's policy on what they allow, so no, we cannot sue your school over their policy blocking downloads.

    HKO is a game that has to be downloaded to play, thus its not a browser game at all.
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    Haha funny comments around here. I remember I used to play HKO while I was on my job and I didn't get fired because they have to respect me as far I keep delivering finished work. It was a wonderful pleasure playing HKO while I was working too.

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    they silently pulled the plug, what a shame, wanted to check it out just now, but I guess this is over forgood

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