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    I'll try to be happier

    I know i've caused some drama on this forum, with my issues with it 'being dead' and my overall issue with girlyness. I may stop trying to revive this forum; it's not worth the drama, no matter what I feel about hello kitty and cute/feminine things.

    I don't understand this world AT ALL. I just don't. However, I understand this forum USED to be active. And that's what should matter to me in the end. Sure, maybe the old members here weren't the perfect, ideal people I wished they were. And a lot of them didn't seem like very happy people either. But a lot of them were still really nice people, and they all liked hello kitty and sanrio, like I did. And likely other 'girly' things too. Yes, they're all gone now, but I should be happy they've been here at all. There ARE people like me out there, that like girly things a lot, and are willing to spread the positive in the world. They don't seem like common people, but they exist. Also, people still join sanriotown; just not for the forum. But new people are still making e-mails here. Hello Kitty DOES have fans. And a lot of those fans are probably wonderful people. And girly. And I really have no reason to feel so 'alone' in the world, or complain that i'm 'different' or 'worse' or 'better' than other people, or worry i'll hurt others just because I like things they don't like.

    I'm sorry about how I was acting in my last few threads Its hard living with my autism, too. It causes me a lot of delusions. And I do have a black and white thinking problem, too....

    I'm also sorry if this thread confuses people more. I'm still trying to process/figure things out. All I really want in the end, though, is for this world to be a happy place for everyone. And I should work by being happy myself for that. And come to the realization that i'm not going around doing awful things to other people just cuz i'm different from them. I should learn to have more fun with my life, like I used to before I was all crazy over stereo types and black and white thinking :/
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    I have a crush on Korrina from Pokemon x and y that....i feel i need to tell the whole net about cuz it's real big and stuff o.o;

    My gender is irrelevant, have a nice day now.
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