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    Is the Deluxe Edition DVD still viable to use?

    Hiyas all! It's been a long while since I was here last, but recently I've been in a huge nostalgia mood and wanted to see if HKO was still up in the US. I've been reading some of the threads but not sure what's what honestly. I was an original Beta Tester, went through Closed and Founder's Betas, the Food for Friends drive, the stress test, etc, but then RL got the better of me and I had to take a long break from all gaming :sigh:.

    I actually did return to HKO about 4 yrs ago as I tracked down 2 copies of the Deluxe Edition at a Gamestop over in Tampa, but my lupus got it's claws in about a month into playing so I had to stop gaming again. I would love to play HKO again now that I'm feeling better, but before I attempt to use the DVD and go through what sounds like a ton of patches I want to know if the game is still even running, or has Sanrio finally pulled it into the MMO wasteland of no return were many great games tend to end up?

    You probably don't remember me Kitty, but I'm hoping you're still round as no one knows more about HKO then you! You were definitely a huge help to me and my daughter when we came back a few years ago. It didn't take very long to realise that a lot had changed since the old days, but with your help we were able to get back into the swing of things quickly. Wasn't there a Wiki page that you were working on at the time as well? Did you ever get to finish it at all? It's so sad that Sanrio hasn't taken care of the game in so long, it was (and still is) 1 of my favourite all time MMOs. It has soooo much potential going for it, so I hope one day Sanrio will wake up and get back to working on the game, it's obvious that there's still folks round who want to play it!

    Anyway, any info on whether or not I should try and install the game would be lovely, and if it is up then should I use the box or web-link version? Thanks in advance, take care!


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    The dvd was way outdated, compared to the digital download version. Both still had to download patches to update to the latest version.

    You could've just downloaded the game, instead of trying to find another dvd. I still have the premium box, but I didn't use the dvd to install.

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