Do you have a dream?

Which one?

What is your plan?
(Do you even have a plan?)

Are you close to achieving it?

Let us help! We want to support you!

Okay so the idea for this thread came about as I thought on my life and remembered the good times in Sanriotown, when I was young in primary in the 2000s and older members listened to me and encouraged me. So it occurred to me that there are plenty of older members now in sanriotown (including me!) that can help younger members figuring out some life stuff, and give a little bit of support and advice when relatives and caretakers are not being good at that, because we know a little bit more about life. And some of us have had to grow up really fast.

For instance, I want to be an author. I've had a LOT OF LUCK. A LOT. However, I've now won a couple of contests and I'm about to publish in a literary magazine!!!! So I'm practically living it, I just need to get to the bit where I can live off it! So I can help you a little with that. And other things, as I'm finishing Uni, too.

We want to help!