I'm now age twenty seven, but as a fifteen to seventeen year old I practically lived on this forum! It brings back such amazing memories! I made an amazing friend over email that I am still friends with today! I live in the US, and she lives in Dubai. (She's from Czech!) However, we ended up meeting after a year or two in Prague and have been friends ever since, meeting at least once a year and texting all of the time!

I'm interested in meeting other friends if anyone is interested! A little about me:

I'm twenty seven years old, live in the US (from Chicago, now living in Atlanta!) I travel a lot and love it, though I grew up in the US, my parents were born somewhere else, so I share their culture with them. I have a boyfriend and a dog. (Same thing, am I right?! Just kidding!) I love to shop, have an obsession with shoes and Chanel! I have always thought Hello Kitty was super cute and that's why I have had a Hello Kitty email account for ages!

I would love to hear back from other girls who have the similar interest of making friends! Cheers!