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    Can't check emails

    Morning, I've tried several times on my phone & PC & can't get onto the site to check emails. Is the site down today?

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    Seems to have been fixed.
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    It is working right now.
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    Mine is not working as of today! ��

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    huh. this is oddish. my @hellokitty.com address works but this one, after logging in, won’t open my inbox. it just reopens the page when i click to check mail.

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    And it gets worse. Had four calls from people who have sent e-mails informing me that they have received Mailer Deamon message advising that the message cannot be delivered. Looks as if there is a serious problem.

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    I can't check my emails. Its saying that my email account has been deactivated. I need to get back in to read my mail. Can someone help please?

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    i can't check my email either, whenever i click the mail button it redirects me to the index

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    Is anyone from tech reading this? We can't access our emails. Please help!

    All of the above applies to me as well. It's been days now and I need to access my emails in order to use some sites.
    On a lot of sites we can't even change our registration email because that would require confirmation via our sanrio account first.
    Does anyone from the tech side of sanriotown check this forum? Please help or tell us what is going on.
    Worryingly I can't see any way of contacting anyone. Links either take me nowhere or to twitter/Facebook accounts that have not been updated for years.

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    I have never been able to access mine - whenever i try to "activate" the registration I get this error:

    script 'mail/www/index.phtml' not found in path (/srv/outblaze/app/member.sanriotown.com/application/views/scripts/)

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