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    Yes me too please fix it!

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    I can't check my emails PLEASE HELP!

    I've had this email account for years and it says i need to reactivate it since i haven't been in it for over 30 days which is not true i just was on my email a few days ago.

    I read the terms as instructed and checked off the box accepting them but i keep getting an error and to pls try again. I've done this several times already and still getting the error.

    Please help,thank you!

    Evelyn Cruz

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    Quote Originally Posted by peagirl@mymelody.com View Post
    All of the above applies to me as well. It's been days now and I need to access my emails in order to use some sites.
    On a lot of sites we can't even change our registration email because that would require confirmation via our sanrio account first.
    Does anyone from the tech side of sanriotown check this forum? Please help or tell us what is going on.
    Worryingly I can't see any way of contacting anyone. Links either take me nowhere or to twitter/Facebook accounts that have not been updated for years.
    they either don't care or have given up

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    Yup, seems it is an error on their side, as it is effecting everyone. Will just have to wait and see if they can fix it.

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    It's been over 24 hrs now mine haven't worked...starting to get worried.
    Is anyone from tech / support / IT able to comment????

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    Been 24 hours for me and still not working...still waiting..

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    Quote Originally Posted by louloubell@hellokitty.com View Post
    Morning, I've tried several times on my phone & PC & can't get onto the site to check emails. Is the site down today?
    I have tried to check emails since yesterday and cannot log in. Has there been some maintenance going on?

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    Just checked now and it's working!

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