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    Possible solution

    Hi Phoenix, could you please try your email account and let us know if it works, thank you.

    For the rest of users that are still experiencing the login failed issue, we finally figured out a possible solution to the issue. Please send information containing your secret question/ secret answer and your alternate email address info at gamesupport@sanriodigital.com. Again we apologized profusely for the time it took to come forward with a solution.

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    I think it's fixed!!!


    I was able to log in to e-mail!!! I did get a few "System Is Busy" messages, but then it worked!!

    It didn't say my session was expired. It went to my email and my email updated to over 3,000 emails!!

    The dates of the emails is weird, but everything else seems good.

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I want to ask why my account needed to login three times before I login to my account?
    The website will show the words "Login Failed! Try again." at the first time and second time login. But when I entre the username and password at the third time, it will be OK.

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    Enter Log-In a Few Times...

    Hello Sally -

    I have to log in at least 2 times BUT that's ok with me for now. I haven't been able to log in to access my email for 2 months! They just got that fixed for me, so even if you have to enter your log-in info a few times, be glad that at least it will work for you.

    Try to have a better day. I'm sure they will get that bug fixed soon too.

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    my email seems fixed as well, i pmed them on facebook.

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    I haven't been on my Sanrio account in quite a while, but I managed to remember my password, however, whenever I try to open my email it says "session expired" and it redirects me to the homepage. I've logged in and out, and no avail. Is there maintenance going on?

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