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    Exclamation Unhappy with Support Team!

    I have not been able to check my emails for days! It asks me to check a box and agree to the terms. I check it, click submit, and the next page that opens up seems to be some type of error that reads "script not found in path". I have emailed Sanrios support service SEVERAL times and have not gotten one answer back. If they can't figure out what the issue is the least they can do is reply and let me and other members know! Horrible service! I do not recommend using their email for important mail.

    If anyone can help, please respond! Anyone's help is appreciated since the people that maintain this website won't!

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    I'm so sorry to hear about this. Unfortunately, SanrioTown has been very lonely lately and I haven't seen much activity in the past year. I haven't even seen any moderators around the Forums, so I think that's possibly why you haven't had any response.

    I'd suggest you try opening SanrioTown in a different internet browser, sometimes that helps with the codes and scripts. I can't help you any further than just give you advice, I'm sorry, but I'll make sure to send an email to support too so they can work faster.

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    Are you ever going to FIX your site? It's been too long since I have been able to log in to my email.
    I am changing browser emails now. Yahoo and Google will never leave you hanging like this.
    So UPSET.

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