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    Red face hello / こんにちは

    Names Peter im a bi a furry a gamer and i youtube and twitch message me if your intrested all ages are welcome and yes i respect all belifes and yes i has bad gammer

    im usly doing studies if you dont get an answer asap so hope to talk to ya ll soon bye

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    Welcome to Sanriotown!!!

    FINALLY someone with sense (other than those that are posted under Forum Games & Chitchat Cafe)

    Hey, don’t worry about your grammar or spelling being “bad”. People just like to overjudge and be Grammar/Spelling Polices. This is the internet and everyone (including you & me) should have the freedom to type however you/I/they like. People think everything has to be “perfect”, when in reality it’s not going to be.

    Sorry, just had to say that. ^^
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    Hello and welcome to Sanrio Town!
    If you fall, I'll be there. - Floor

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    Welcome, Peter! It's a pleasure to meet you.

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