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    I do not have any facebook nor twitter account; is it true that communicating through fb or twitter got better attention than writing to support@hellokitty.com or here at Ask Sanriotown? If "readygo@hellokitty.com" is questioning whether the whole site is back to normal, I think I'm not the only one still falls through the crack. Though I can't understand why this maintenance created such irregularity, I hope the tech team is working fast, really fast to drum up a solution so I can get my access back.

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    I've started (again) getting the same recurring captcha "your email hasn't been activated" error message I got a while back when trying to access my inbox tonight. I definitely used my account last night and I'm as sure as humanly possible that last night was less than 30 days ago.

    And no, I haven't tried facebook because I don't use facebook because facebook's privacy policy is still illegal in most first-world countries and they still operate as if it wasn't. I generally recommend AVOIDING facebook whenever someone thinks it's a good idea to recommend using it. And the most recent message on Twitter is from 2011, so that's pretty obviously not an option. So, is there a fix, or a VALID method to contact support if you can't access your email? Or is that not going to be a thing? Because that should really be a thing. So should "not getting locked out of your email account for days at a time", which has happened more than once already.

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    Same issue on both of my accounts

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    mine appears to have cleared up now, so... timing on fixing that was good at least in my case.

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    hello. i am also having the same issue when accessing my email. reactivating it doesn't work.

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    To Tech Support - I have been getting the "Session Expired" error for a long time and it is still happening even after the Sept 5 maintenance. I spent some time testing the site and here is what I found - perhaps this will help narrow down the problem: I was able to create a new account that does not have login problems. I see that you have a SSO service that everyone creates an account in, which passes the login variables to the other services like the forum and email. It appears that the SSO is passing the variables correctly since a newly-made account works, therefore the problem lies in the email service either in accepting the variables, or the variable names being different (perhaps from an upgrade.) Or it can be that the SSO and email databases have key data that does not match.

    I hope you can look into this. Thanks. If you need assistance, you can reach me at my backup email address.

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    Has anyone received notification from Sanrio? My mom can't remember her password and I am trying to reset it for her, but she doesn't receive a link on her other email.

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    It's time to rock with Hello Kitty kittynator@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    They responded to me on facebook.

    Their message:
    Hello! thank you for contacting us! We are currently fixing minor issue of the website. Please bear with us as we try our best to upgrade our systems. Thank you so much for your patience and support.
    Note 1: DO NOT COPY my user name/account for yours. Impersonating other users is strictly forbidden.

    Note 2: Any beta content I post or mention, cannot be copied for yourself or others. Don't impersonate or ask for beta players. Yes, I'm a former beta player.

    Note 3: I'm busy with non HKO things, but my home page will help you out with the game. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or /w Kittynator in HKO. I use Kittynator on both servers.

    Note 4: Be nice to me and others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kittynator@hellokitty.com View Post
    They responded to me on facebook.

    Their message:

    So everyone just sit and be patient. Not worth complaining about it.


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    Can't access my email

    I can login to my account, however it's saying that I can't access my email. It makes me click a box to register, then doesn't do anything and says it's an error since I haven't accessed my account for over 30 days.

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