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    I am panicking that my email is not accessible.

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    I am also having the deactivation message as well. So frustrating I check my email multiple times a day. O_O

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    I can't login as well~~Please help!!!

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    Same issue here, and if it doesn't fix, I'll consider to change my email address.

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    No email for me, too

    Same problem. Says deactivated for not logging in for 30 days, but I log in regularly. Everything else works...can get into my account settings, etc, just no email. Argh!

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    I'm glad this isn't just me but I really, really need to get my emails. I hope they get it fixed soon. Boo!

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    Yes, me too. This isn't the first time it has happened, it seems to be a once a year problem. They usually fix it in a day or two, it's just a pain not being able to access your email.
    Hopefully they also fix the double log in issue too, so sick of having to enter my log in details twice all the time.

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    I have the same problem and have a slight panic now since I have flight tickets for this weekend on there... It worked fine just yesterday, I use it on a Daily basis. I hope they solve this really Quick this time. Also hope they solve the double log in issues because it is irritating. Think I have been using this mail as my private mail account since 2004 or something like that. It really would suck if they stop providing the service. And I really hope they would inform us if they will discontinue!

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    Iím having the same issues here, and I just recently logged in my email, in less than 30 days! I did the Robot test thing then checked the box for the Terms & Conditions but it always ends up in error. It wont let me in. Sucks because I have important things in my email as I use this as my work mail and for other social site accounts! 😩

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    It would be really nice if someone from Sanriotown Support could take 2 minutes to get on here and let people know what's going on...

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