I did something ************************ a few minutes ago and I have no idea how to correct it!

I asked on Bella Online and then the website crashed ironically when I tried to post it then I asked my friends and decided to come here too; somehow I got rid of the button (or whatever it is called) to connect to the internet (it was always right next to the start thing at the left of the taskbar of the bottom of the screen) now all it is is three straight lines of a few dots and when the mouse is there it becomes a line with arrows on each sides and when clicking on that there are a few things which I tried but no mention of Internet Explorer anywhere.

I was able to connect by clicking on the computer logo at the end of the bottom taskbar and then on internet with the Earth logo but since I am so worthless I may end up getting rid of that too so can anyone here help me get my connect button back from Internet Explorer?