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    Wink they're working on the web

    hi, in case you're still worried about your emails, i got an answer of the sanriotown team and told me they've a group working to restore our emails

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    why haven't they put an announcement somewhere here

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    They also wiped off all my contacts a few months ago! Useless!

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    I hope it gets fixed soon. I haven't been able to check my email since Monday morning. Going on day 3 and I am waiting for some time sensitive emails and I'm getting very anxious. :/

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    same here, it's crazy because it's on these moments that we see how hooked we're to new technologies!

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    Actually telling your customers what's going on when your service is down is kind of a big deal.

    Announcement? Apology? Timeline? LITERALLY ANYTHING would be nice in an official capacity... preferably 2 days ago at the latest given how this is a total loss of access to core service on the site.

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