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    Exclamation I can't open my E mail !!! I need it!!!

    Hello. I can't open my E mail.
    Register kept error!
    I really need to back on.

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    Can't check email!

    Quote Originally Posted by kanasano@mymelody.com View Post
    Hello. I can't open my E mail.
    Register kept error!
    I really need to back on.
    If you find out anything please let me know..I'm having the same problem. It says I have been deactivated because I haven't logged in for more than 30 days which I did yesterday.. But yet I'm signed in now but can't check my mail ughh. Lol

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    This is day 3 of no email access. Please fix it soon!

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    me too! i am unable to check my emails and some of my game accounts are linked through this email! hopefully itll get fixed

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    What is taking so long go sort this out? Nothing from them! Are they going into liquidation/administration?

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    I have the same problem here... What can we do? Help.....

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    I gave up.

    After days without email, I just went and opened a new gmail account. I just can't live without reliable email. I love my hello kitty account, but I need something that works most of the time, not an error message and nothing else. WIll check back from time to time to see if it ever start working again. Later.

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    Stuck here too. Been a few days. Have an important email which I actually need to be able to read before the weekend, so... it would be nice if you can actually provide the actual service the site is actually for.

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    I have no email as well

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