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    Question Rosie

    I am not being allowed to access my email account.
    I am told this is because I haven't used the account for 30 days. This is incorrect, the longest time is just 4 days.
    I have made numerous attempts to re register but keep getting error messages. The captcha is correct when I do it and I tick the box to say I have read the terms and conditions. I have used this email address for over 10 years. I would appreciate an explanation.

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    There are about 12783164 other threads on this topic already. Someone posted one where they say they talked to a company representative and they're working on it. So far, for no apparent reason I can find, there has been no official announcement of this fact. Which is utterly ridiculous and needs to be fixed ASAP. Because they're not telling us what they're doing.


    That's the link to the topic where someone said they had information about it.

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