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    Saved Password hasn't been filling for almost a year

    So I don't know if there was a thing I missed or what, but I have my username and password saved in Chrome so I can log in easily to check my email. I have this one set aside specifically for certain things and when I log in, I nearly have to reset my password because I can never remember what I have it as since I have about six different passwords and when it fails to log me in, it changes which server the login is tied to and I miss changing it back sometimes.

    I used to just double click to choose the saved form information and it's been a year or more now that it isn't doing this. What's the deal with that? Chrome shows me that I do have saved form data for the log in page, but it doesn't let me use it.

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    Also, what exactly is the difference between the initial "English" server and "IntEng" and "USEng" servers when logging in?

    Edit: That is, before I fail my password, it says "English" for the login server. Then when it fails, it puts me on "IntEng" by default, then I fight with it and "USEng" to log in.

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