Welcome to Hello Kitty’s Massively Monetization Hypothetical Plan!
Here you can meet people that wants to see her friends!

“Create, customize and dress your avatar!”
Customization can become an avenue for monetisation. The parts of the game that would made this reasonable are Equipment(Clothe), House, Farm, Emoticon/Emoji, Sparklers, Buffs and Item Transformation!


Avatar is a character created to interact within the game. Various articles of equipment reside within the game, Clothes are one of these items an Avatar could wear and show.

Clothes can alter the appearance of your Avatar.
Create contrasting personas, fashionable, stylish, amusing blends of apparel and change at any time!

There are total of 17 different clothing item categories to define your Avatar.
Wearable clothes have different properties, They can be grouped by 4 types, Outer Layer(Shell/Coating), Inner Layer(Stats), Accessory and Permanent Layer.

Outer Layer clothe covers the outfit of an Inner Layer clothe. Outer Layer clothe may contain time limited effects and has either low to no level restrictions.
Inner Layer clothe contain stats, level restrictions to be equipped. Outside appearance of Inner Layer clothing will always be altered if Outer Layer clothing is in use.

Outer Layer and Inner Layer items have 4 wearable slots and categories each to cover, Shirt/Dress(Top), Pants/Skirt(Legs), Wand/Cane(Hand) and Slippers/Boots(Footwear).

Accessory has no overlapping layers, Accessories that contain level restrictions will contain permanent stats, and no/low level restrictions may contain time-limited effects.
Accessories have 5 wearable slots and categories to cover, Hat/Crown(Headdress), Glasses(Head/Eyes) Moustache(Nose), Earrings and Necklace.

Permanent Layer items are permanent until replaced, have no stats, no visible wearable slots, may contain level restrictions, and has 4 categories to cover. These are Hair, Face, Skin Colour and Markings/Tattoo. These items affect your Avatar directly, are consumable(One Use Item) and will always replace anything before it. Reverting to the previous look might be impossible without the identical item.

There are many different combinations to choose from, and to select a few is to shorten the topic about monetization of Equipment(Clothe). This can be expanded further.
This feature can be monetized by, additional different colour choices of the same item, creation of Outer/Inner Layer categories for Accessory, change Hair and Markings/Tattoo to a visible wearable slot, Sanrio character themed clothing and seasonal/non-seasonal offers.


A house can add places to customize while inside the game.
House ownership requires, farm, house blueprint, materials and other level restrictions to build one. Once built, houses can have up to 3 rooms and can be customized with furniture and other items.

There are 4 types of furniture, Decoration, Interactive Furniture, Animated Furniture and Permanent Fixture.

Decorations have 2 categories; Wall items and Floor items. Wall items can only be used on walls, no margin restriction and Floor items have margin restrictions based on squares and can only be used on floors.
Interactive Furniture does a specific action when a nearby Avatar uses right click on selected furniture.
Animated Furniture are decorations that shows specific animation with or without doing anything. These items can also be Interactive Furniture if it responds to a right click.
Permanent Fixture items are Wallpaper, Floor Tiles and Window Frame. They are consumable and replaces the previous fixture. Wallpaper and Floor Tile fixtures change the ambiance of the current room.

House monetization focuses on inside/outside house customization, few rooms and furniture.


Farms are a location an Avatar owns as a personal plot of land that includes additional storage, ability to create a house and to plant numerous things.

Farms need farm certificates to change the appearance and capabilities it’s equipped to do, most farms are not made with customization in mind but some plants offer amazing graphics that could decorate your farm.

Customization of a Farm requires many types of different seeds and maintenance to keep plants alive.
There are 2 basic ways to decorate your farm, Pattern Planting and Decorative Plant.
Pattern Planting needs planning, proper placement and tinkering to create a simple design to sophisticated patterns.
Decorative Plant has properties that are pleasing to see. Most special seeds have this property like Snowman Plant or Christmas Tree, normal seeds can have this property as well.

Potential monetization of Farm is on Seed Types, Planting Decorations/Tool and Immortal Plant.

There was an item called Scarecrow that wasn’t a plant but a tool that can be planted in a farm.


Other than using the chat function, Emoticon/Emoji is a way to communicate your feelings when words you want to express are ??? and Zzz…

There are 3 types of Avatar Emoticon, Boxed Eyes, Sanrio Special and Item Mall.
Boxed Eyes are normal emoji inside a box that can be used by all players.
Sanrio Special shows a character that will do an emote in a large box, short sequence of animation(10 sec), that is character specific related to guild affiliation. (Stickman(No Guild), Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, Kero Kero Keroppi, Pom Pom Purin, Badtz-Maru and Cinnamoroll)
Item Mall featured a Valentine’s Day Special Emotes.

Pets can use pet emoji if they are neglected, met another pet, cheered and well fed as a way of communicating.

Giving an option to buy emojis can monetize this feature.
Creation of new emojis to be bought as a Set Package, Single Emoji, Seasonal Emoji, Bonus Contribution Emoji.

Ideas on what type of emoji to create are:
Sanrio character specific emoji (Tuxedo Sam, Dear Daniel, Laundry etc…)
Creating Pet character emoji (Pyrodon, Pandachi, Aerophant etc…)
Sanrio character combo emoji (Hello Kitty + Dear Daniel, Little Twin Stars + Cinnamoroll etc…)
Seasonal Emoji themes (Winter, Spring, New Year etc…)
Plain Emoji (additional normal emoji)
Ability to equip emojis that Pets can use

There are more to name a few, Avatars that can use emoji of your favourite Sanrio character makes it a fun worthwhile experience!


Sparklers are effects surrounding your avatar. It either informs you of their item usage or create (meaningless) fun animations around your Avatar.

There are 5 ways to achieve sparkling effects of your Avatar, Clothing Timed Buff, Sparkler Wands, Being struck by a creature, Crafting and Consumable Sparklers.

Clothing Timed Buff gives a sparkling effect for a limited time (with additional stat increase) once wore, Sparkler Wands produce an effect while hitting a creature, Being struck by a creature will create a little shine on your Avatar, Crafting can create temporary sparkling and Consumable Sparklers are items that produces an effect once consumed.(Fireworks and Food items can create this effect)

Adding an option to buy consumable/permanent glow effects, ability to customize effects with items, and ability to customize crafting/other animation sequence, can monetize this feature.

Ideas for Sparklers:
Bubble Effect, Flowing Petals, Windy Breeze, Snowing, Aura Effects
Seasonal Effects
Different Sparkle Wand Effects (Stars Sparkling Out, Flowers Blooming, Pillars of Light etc…)

Graphical effects surrounding an Avatar might deepen your immersion while playing especially if your breathing fire out of your wand.


Buffs are timed items that expire after certain amount of time, have differing effects, can be a consumable item and can stack effects or might not depending on the stack category.

There are 2 types of buffs, Clothing Timed Buff and Consumable Buffs.
Clothing Timed Buff has special temporary effects and after expiration, retains clothes but losses the special effect permanently. Special effects may include sparkling effect and additional stats.
Consumable Buffs are an One Use Item and effects lasts until the timer disappears(Timer stops when logged off unless stated).

×2 Speed on Gathering, Mining and Woodcutting and ×2 Experience, Item effects don’t stack on each other due to the implementation of the game.
Pet Nanny (Item) can feed and keep your pet happy can be considered as a consumable buff item.
If conditions are met when used, House Builder can create a house without needing to gather or craft items, can be considered a consumable/buff item.
Item Transformation and Sparklers can be considered as a buff.
Scarecrow was a farm item that possibly removes pest, can be considered as a different buff item due to duration.

Adding a different buff stack category like Cosmetic Buff that has a timer on the sparkling effects related to a Farm/House/Avatar/Pet can monetize this feature.
Some Ideas for Buffs:
Additional Movement Speed
Buff Replenishment on Expired Buffs on items
Pet Item Pet Size Increase/Decrease
Pet Additional Gained Experience Points
Plant Harvest (Increase Yields of gathered produce)
Plant Pest Control (less caterpillars/wool/withered plant)
Plant Revival (Revive dead plants on farm)
Plant Time Longevity Increase (More time before your plant withers)
Gathering/Mining/Woodcutting Quality Increase (lesser lower quality items gained)
Gathering/Mining/Woodcutting Control (lessen the chance of getting rare materials)
Sparkler Effect [Item]

Item Transformation

Few items exist to change the form of your Avatar. Items like Cupid’s Cookie, Penguino’s Disguise, can change the form for a specific amount of time.

Giving an option to buy items that can transform Avatars can monetize this.
Ideas for Transformation:
Change as a Material Resource, Pet and NPC/Sanrio Character

Item Transformation can be fun to change as a Pet or your favourite Sanrio Character.