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    Least favorite game?

    besides the puzzle games of course would have to be My Melody Typing. if you real proficient in typing, the game can go on until you decide to give up. increase the points given and the speed of the words and it'll be much better.

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    Member eveaustria@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    My Melody Typing can be stopped immediately so it's okay for me.

    But Garden Mania is a bit slow and it really goes on forever and ever.
    You can only stop it ahead of time by closing the page/tab so you can't send your score...
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    in the us
    I personally don't like Rescue Me. It makes no sense.
    I love KAT-TUN!
    ✏ ~HELLOPOCKY~  ✌

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    I dont like pocchaco crazy marbles
    i dont understand how to play it XD

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    Think Pink eliz_0311@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    i dont like garden mania also >.<

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    Baby monkey on a pig sarahkat00@hellokitty.com's Avatar
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    I don't like Sanriotown kart. Its too hard to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    i dont understand PC Bank. I also don't like garden mania...even though i like gardening O_O

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    I also like Rescue Me

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    My favorite game is RIFT, Runes of Magic, Golden Age, jagged alliance online, Family Guy Online, and some online mmo games like Buch of Heroes, zombie island.

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    My least favourite game in hellokittyonline itself is the Purin's coffeehouse game. I absolutely hate that game and I am so relieved to have passed it for my quest. c=

    US/Canada Server

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