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    Shalour city? :o
    SNEEZING! XD; It may hurt a bit less, but it can get your hands all germy if you don't have a tissue...
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    Sneezing is more annoying because you get to sneeze out droplets with the virus and infect other people..eewww.. even if its only allergy, the saliva coming out is yuck..

    but, fyi, hiccups are more potentially a medical concern since it can be a sign of a bigger problem..
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    I think hiccups.
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    Sneezes... *ha-choo!*
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    Hiccups! Shakes my whole body and hurts. Owwie!

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    Well, when others do it, sneezing because it's so loud.

    When I do it, hiccuping because I can't talk properly or eat or... a lot of other things. And it feels awkward.
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    Sort of hard. I say hiccups. Both are annoying though...

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    i sneeze all the time but i have no allergy! but for me its hiccups

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    I say hiccups, I don't know why! They are just so anoying...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilder@hellokitty.com View Post
    Some people have multiple sneezes, like they can't sneeze only once. They do it 4 or 5 times! If I were one of those people, I'd say sneezes, but for me it's hiccups. Occasionally I get them for like 2 days. -_-;;
    I am a multiple sneezer. I find hiccups worse, though.
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