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    Question Should I or no

    Hi I have problem there's this boy who is gross and rude! My friends say I like him because I talk about him all the the time but I don't like him! And im not sure if I do like him What does it mean do like him or not

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    Well there's always an age where you're unsure about love (some mature later than others too). However talking about a guy all the time doesn't mean that you technically like him. You could be a chronic ranter too ^^ which isn't a bad thing. I rant about some guys all the time and I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend. So complaining about a guy obviously can't always mean that you like them. For now if you say you don't like him then maybe you don't like him. And that's that. There is not reason to dwell upon it because you should know yourself better! And no friend should ever make you feel miserable regarding such a matter. Just ignore your friend's teasing and enjoy your life.

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    thank you I should do that

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    I think we always kind of find some strange attraction to bad boys. That's not to say that you do like this boy. Maybe you just want to vent and your friends like teasing you because they know it bugs you. My friends do that to me all the time. =_= Keep in mind that when you let your friends' teasing get to you they will continue to do it. Just laugh it off.

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    I think your friends are only saying that to you so you don't talk so much about him any more lol (sort of indirectly telling you to be quiet about it now). As previously suggested, just laugh it off and try to think about something else because someone you don't like isn't worth wasting time on.

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    ok thanks

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    why do you care!?


    OMG i have a problem JUST like that! this teen is so...ugh,and i despise him,but my own gramma says im flirting with him! EWW,i just wish he didnt have a crush on me...

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    ok thanks
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    thank you I should do that
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