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    help: when i try to use newbie axe, says "level requirement not met"

    every time i try to use the newbie axe, it says i cannot use item:level requirement not met. how do i use it? i am already equipped with scissors that have a level 3 requirement just like the newbie axe.

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    It is your woodcutting skill that needs to be level 3. Press S to make sure your woodcutting is that level. If it's not at level 3, go to the Harbor and chop on the Spiral Trees until it is.

    If it's still giving you troubles, see if you can get your hands on a "spiral axe" (someone will need to make it for you, or give you their old one). It's a level 5 woodcutting skill, so if you go this route, you'll need to grind up woodcutting in the harbor as I mentioned above.

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