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    Need some farming help with possiable glitch?

    Hello everyone! I just have a general farm question with moles... I keep on getting annoying moles on my farm, one being the "Star Mole" that take almost a week to vacate. I cant seem to harvest when they are there, and all my plants have titles of something I have not even planted is: my cherry trees were califlower and cucumber...

    Any ideas?

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    The plants are getting the wrong names from a recent bug and the star moles and regular moles may not disappear until you restart the game, your computer or even your modem. They are all on the known bugs list, but it helps to email your personal experiences with them to Make sure to try to give as many details as you can. ^_^

    Also, please try using the handy search function before posting, these topics all should help you out

    Star mole?
    Star Mole?
    Hello Kitty Online Bugs

    Hehe I love this feature, the old forum didn't have it.
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