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    lisachris@mymelody.com- Hello, BluePretty, of course I remember you. I'm doing pretty well, and thank you for sharing your point of view.

    My friend seems to be having better luck since she's tried different razors and using shaving cream, so hopefully razor burn will be history. :3

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    Venus Breeze is part of Gillette so she probably has what I have ^^ good luck to her. <3

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    I personally hate shaving cream, but would like to suggest she use the Dove Winter Care bar soap instead of it. It makes my legs much softer than shaving cream ever did.
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    When shave for the first time anywhere on your body, it is most like gonna be irritated. But when you do shave, make sure it is a brand new razor, because old and dull razor blades can irritate your skin way more and can also cut you! Which is not good.... and also, you can tell your friend before shaving, run warm water over the are a first to soften the hairs.
    I'ma girl too. lol. Hope that helped a little.

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    I'm a guy and when I shave my body I get lots of razor burn and bumps. However I started using Dove creme lotion body wash. It's helps a lot. It's great to shave with too. And when I shower I use am exfoliating scrubbie. The body wash softens my skin a lot, and the scrubbie allows the regrowing hair to break through the skin. So I don't have bumps so badly.

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    omg ! shaving ! oye ..
    please help me about this every 3days i do shave my legs ! i'm using lotion because when i use soap my legs become chicken skin ! i HATE it !!
    please help me ! what should i use ?
    i'm a girl ..

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    Dunno if I'm super late in this, but the sunburn thing can be brought on by several things including shaving too quickly, and not letting the area get very soft in the shower/bath. Like someone said earlier, the warm water is important to soak and soften the hair follicles and surrounding skin. Shaving cream is a big bonus, but I don't actually use it. I'm just very slow and precise so I don't cause any of that burn.

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    ...Why are you giving your friend advice about that? Kinda weird.

    But then, you're a dude on sanrio town. XD

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    Some girls don't have much leg hair...sometimes it's blonde or light colored. I have light colored, soft hair that grows in, but I still shave it because I don't like the way it feels a lil spikey as soon as it decides to grow in. Make sure you use a good cream and shave with the way the hair grows, not against it, and be light with the pressure...don't wanna hurt yourself. The sunburn thing sounds like maybe she dry shaved. Owwie!

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    Its ok to shave now. I shaved a couple of days ago, and I'm 11. I am a little too young to do that. It actually tickled. >o<


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