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    Smile gaga

    my favrote singer is lady gaga.has anyone listen to Born this way?its my fav.

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    who hasnt !?
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    yes who hasn't

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    Yeah I have listen it recently but not like Lady gaga.just like her songs.

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    My favorite songs are "The Fame" and "Bloody Mary"
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    Yeah i also like Lady Gaga. Yush i heard Borned this way but i dont like the song tho. I like her other song

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    my fav lady gaga song is you and i

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    i love lady gaga. i dont think i have a favorite song i like all of her songs. i own all of her cds. woooo go gaga!!!!!!

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    I love her the meat dress was some what funny but she is awesome . she can sing and she is different as well and even though some say she copies others not really cause most of her outfits are not like others. she maybe one of those crazy people with weird outfits but I love her clothes and she is one of my favorite singers. I love all her songs. her new video is alittle odd but not to bad. but I like every song she has ever written and all her videos. Let me know if any of yall are Lady Gaga fans and let me know whats your favorite video or song and why. do yall like any of the videos below as well . they are awesome well all her videos are awesome lol. thanks again

    Bad Romance video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrO4Y...etailpage#t=1s

    You and I video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9YMU...etailpage#t=1s
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    I just like her singing not a big fan of her.

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